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Welcome to Munchkin Sports NZ

Welcome to Munchkin Sports, a fun, energetic and enthusiastic sports company, who gently introduce children to the world of sport. Through
active classes aided by lots of music, colour and numbers, the children not only learn but also have great fun developing core motor skills
in a friendly and safe environment. Children want to play, have lots of fun and explore with their friends. Sport is the perfect platform for this.
About Rugby Munchkins

Rugby Munchkins teaches the children core motor skills by learning the most basic rugby skills in a non contact environment helping develop their social interaction & well-being.

About our classes…

Munchkin Sports has designed this program to engage both boys and girls through rugby themed games and skill sessions, in a fun, safe and friendly sporting environment.

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A picture paints a thousand words. In our case our pictures can paint thousands of smiles. Look through our gallery to discover the fun that awaits your child.

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